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Dryer Vent Cleaning – Why You Should Have Your Dryer Vents Cleaned

We all know to change the oil in our car and vacuum the carpets, but when was the last time you took care of your dryer vent? It’s easy to forget about this nook and cranny of your home, until you notice the clothes are taking longer to dry or your energy bills are higher than normal. This is a sign that your dryer vent needs to be cleaned.

Your dryer vent is a duct that runs from your dryer to the outside of your home. The purpose of this duct is to blow out hot air that your dryer creates during the drying cycle. This prevents the hot air from gathering inside your home and causing a fire hazard, which is why it’s important to have this duct cleaned regularly.

If your duct becomes blocked with excessive lint, it will restrict the flow of hot air out of your house and into the outdoors. This will cause your dryer to work harder and take more time to complete a cycle, which puts unnecessary stress on your machine and increases your energy bills. Having your dryer vents regularly cleaned by a professional from Apex Air Duct Cleaning & Chimney Services will help to reduce your energy bills, save money on repairs, and extend the lifespan of your dryer.

The main reason to have your dryer vents cleaned is that lint can build up in the vent piping and restrict airflow. This is a major fire hazard and can lead to dryers working overly hot, which can damage your clothes and cause expensive repairs. Regularly cleaning your dryer vents from a lint screen in the dryer to the vent piping that leads outside of the house will prevent this.

You should have your dryer vents cleaned at least once a year, but this can vary depending on the age and use of your home’s system. We recommend that you call us to discuss your options and schedule a service appointment. We provide Dryer Vent Cleaning New Brunswick, as well as many other areas throughout the state of New Jersey. We also offer HVAC, chimney and air duct cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties. You can contact us today for a free estimate.