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Choosing a Breastfeeding Chair

When it comes to feeding your baby, you’ll want the best possible chair to support both of you. The right breastfeeding chair can make all the difference, both in comfort for both of you and in helping establish a good latch. The best nursing chairs offer a wide, padded armrest that will keep your baby comfortably cradled against you while also supporting a well-established, sustainable latch. The best nursing chairs are also lightweight and portable, allowing you to take them with you on outings and on family meals. They are also comfortable enough for long sessions, and should fit your nursing pillow if you use one.

If you’re bottle-feeding, a great option is to choose a high chair with adjustable height settings to accommodate your child as they grow. Many high chairs also come with removable trays and tray-within-a-tray designs to make it easier to clean your baby’s feeding station. You’ll also want to look for a high chair that is lightweight, easy to maneuver and compact when not in use.

Most pediatricians recommend putting your baby in a high feeding chair when they can sit up unaided, typically around 6 months. This will allow them to start learning about food and interacting with the table while you can concentrate on feeding. Many high chairs are portable and can be used at home or on outings like restaurants or picnics, a convenience for busy parents.

If your baby needs extra support while eating, consider purchasing a booster seat to attach to the dining chair. Booster seats have multiple height adjustments and are equipped with 3-point harnesses to help your child stay safe and secure during mealtimes. Some also have a removable tray and dishwasher-safe straps for easy cleaning.

Alternatively, you can purchase a specialized nursing recliner, which is designed to be both comfortable for your baby and convenient for you during feedings. Most nursing recliners can be adjusted to a variety of positions so you can feed your baby in the most comfortable position for both of you, and they have integrated head and body supports that help with positioning during breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. Some reclining models even offer massage functions during the feeding process, promoting bonding and relaxation for both of you.

In addition to nursing and high chairs, we also offer a selection of convalescent feeding chairs for use by elderly or disabled persons. These specialized seating options are designed to help aid caregivers in the recovery of patients following illness or injury. They are available in a range of styles and features, including adjustable back rests and a choice of trays and commode accessories.