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How to Choose the Right Moving Services for Your Move

Most people only move a handful of times in their lifetimes1, and with so many different moving companies to choose from, it can be hard to keep track of the good ones from the bad. This can leave you at the mercy of movers who offer unfair prices, unsafe services, or even fraudulent business practices.

When searching for a moving company moving services, be sure to read online reviews and speak with movers personally before signing a contract. Ask about their experience with the type of move you’re planning (full service vs self-service, local vs long-distance, residential vs commercial) and what sort of flexibility they offer for your needs. Ask about their pricing structure and whether they provide upfront quotes or need an in-home estimate to determine the cost. Lastly, be sure that you understand their billing and payment process before affixing your signature to a legal document.

A quality moving company will prioritize customer service and have the ability to handle any problems that arise. You should also make sure that the moving company is licensed and insured in case anything goes wrong during your move. You can find out if the company is legitimate by checking online reviews or asking friends and family about their experiences with movers in your area. If you’re unsure, you can also check with your state’s Department of Transportation or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to ensure that they are accredited.

It’s important to hire a moving company that has plenty of experience handling moves of all kinds. Full-service movers like Armstrong – Huntsville perform moves every day, so they know how to safely and efficiently pack boxes, transport furniture, and navigate through tight spaces. They can also disassemble items for safe transportation and reassemble them at the destination. In addition, they have the right equipment to get your belongings from your old home into the truck without damaging them along the way.

The last thing you want to deal with during a move is an injury. Hiring a moving company will help you avoid back strains and other injuries due to lifting heavy objects. This will make the entire moving process much more pleasant for you and your family.

A professional moving company will have a fleet of trucks of the right size to fit your belongings and abide by any physical constraints on your property. They will also have a wide range of packing supplies to make the whole process easier for you, including cardboard boxes and stretch wrap.

Moving companies should be able to provide you with an accurate, up-to-date quote for your entire move. This includes a comprehensive inventory of your belongings and their weight, as well as the costs of any specialized items you may have. Before hiring a full-service moving company, request an in-home survey to receive the most precise estimate possible. It’s helpful to bring a copy of your current lease and a floor plan with measurements to help them calculate the exact amount of space you’ll need for the move.